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Editor’s Note: ICResource.com has a deep history as an advocate for renewable energy and sustainable development including one of our founders raising angel funds for Stirling Energy System over a decade ago – now fully capitalized and building the two largest solar thermal power plants in the world in southern California in 2010.

Press Release: December 23rd, 2009

SES started bringing dishes on sun shortly after 11am via laptops at each Dish Group. Once each unit was on closed-loop tracking control of it was transferred over to the SCADA system. At 12.30 we put the 60th dish on sun and were generating 1,058kW. We ran the field for a full hour and hit a peak output of 1.12MW. we then successfully took the field back off sun one dish group at a time using the SCADA system to put dishes back into windstow. This was achieved with dirty mirrors, DNI of approximately 850 Wm2 and maximum shading due to sun position so the outlook of hitting our performance targets under standardized operating conditions looks very positive. Its also worth mentioning that the controls software, SCADA and Hydrogen systems all performed as expected on the day.

This is a very significant milestone and I want to thank everyone involved across all the teams and from both Tessera Solar and SES for the enormous push over the last few months to get this over the line before the end of the year.

Well done everyone – now we can really relax and enjoy the break!!

– SES & Tessera team

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