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Another goal and objective is to launch a news service and content development company as a source of not only inspiration and education, but commentary and analysis on the events of the day from our unique perspective. Along with the resource centers, we’ll be launching an educational news service and radio station.

The opportunity is to submit news and information, become a news correspondent, and even market the news service to the people and organizations you are networked with. The news service will also present online meetings, seminars and special events through streaming, interactive audio and video over the Internet.

The mission statement of the news service is:

To restore integrity, ethics and truth to an independent “press” as a vigilant watchdog of our liberties.

To exercise freedom of the press, not cowering to internal censorship, political or economic pressures to avoid or deny telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The purpose of the news service is:

To reach out to intelligent, sensitive and courageous individuals, organizations and businesses willing to step beyond the norm into an exceptional and bold initiative.

To participate and subscribe to a news service that is committed to integrity, ethics and the truth.

To reach out to reporters, journalists, news correspondents, photojournalists and other professional media producers willing to contribute news, information and resources that matter, offering broadband, streaming audio and video productions for the web television audience of the near future, providing quality content for Internet-based news services of the 21st Century that others will emulate. Let’s give AOL/Time Warner and Murdoch’s News Corporation a run for the money.

The news service is committed to enhancing critical thinking and multi-cultural media literacy, reclaiming the sovereignty of the human mind, heart and soul, and providing intelligent news for the rest of us.


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