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What is a Resource Center Opportunity? One of our goals and objectives is to build a network of one hundred and forty-four (144) regional resource centers on seven continents over the next five years to comprehensively network worldwide. There can be thousands of other local resource centers connecting to each of these hubs of the wheel as well.

For those with the desire and skills to organize a regional or local resource center in their area, herein lies an opportunity. Each of the one hundred and forty-four (144) regional resource centers will be the hub of a communications and networking structure for the emergence of a free enterprise economic system. Resource centers will market educational products and services, recruit new members, subscribers and clients. Resource centers will facilitate project and business development, and capitalization for their particular area.

Today, there are virtual offices operational with many more in development. Regional resource centers were created to operate as focal points for a comprehensive inventory of key people, projects, organizations and businesses, programs and media for the purposes of strategic planning, human, community, and project and business development.

Each resource center is staffed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), an Office Manager (OM), a Marketing Director (MD), and must have a physical location for an office. Other positions will develop including strategic planners, consultants, news directors, project managers and networking positions at each resource center as they expand.

Operations and Administration

Another component of a resource center is operations, coordinating administration, communications and networking, sales and marketing, and joint venture partnerships with other independent contractors and associate companies.

Training and Education

Training and education is a component of each resource center. Trained consultants answer client questions and provide services.

Project and Business Development

The other component is project and business development. Developing the resource center is the first project demonstrated by each new resource center. Project development will begin after the resource centers are operational and profitable. That’s why resource center development is such a priority opportunity.


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