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Holodynamics is a field of study that can be applied to both personal and business development. “Holo” means “whole.” “Dynamic” means, “force in action.” The entire universe is holodynamic. It’s all interconnected.

Holodynamics is not a philosophy; it’s a way of perceiving the universe. It understands that everything is contingent upon our way of seeing, and that if I shift the way that I see, the universe and reality conform to that shift.

Quantum physicists have proven that reality is created in the eyes of the perceiver. Change the frame of reference and a sub-atomic event will adapt to that change. Change one field, all the other fields adapt and change. Blow your nose and it’s felt far across the galaxies.

The truth is whatever you think or do, and whatever I think or do, affects not only your sphere of influence, but the entire universe. Thought travels at the speed of light with no space-time limitations. So be conscious of what you think or do. You’re a powerful creator and producer whether you’re aware of it or not!

The Miracle of Coincidence

There are abundant opportunities given in each moment of our existence, but there are only a few opportunities accepted. Just as nature produces billions of seeds so one may land on fertile ground and grow into an oak tree. There are only a few people with the open mind and open heart to accept the opportunities given each day. All of us are operating at less than our potential.

There are millions of people, thousands in your spheres of influence and many more that you could potentially connect with everyday. But only certain people and information are allowed into your field and do interact with you. This depends on what you want and knowing what you want. Once you put a thought into the universe, it creates an information field to attract what you want or need to you.

Are we still in awe of a certain species of bird flying thousands of miles across the ocean each year and showing up at the same place at the same time year after year? Those migratory patterns are set in an information field for that species.

Every species has multiple fields in which they interact and communicate.

Sometimes we call this phenomena a “coincidence,” or a “miracle,” or “God’s will.” This phenomenon of a “coincidence” is based on your original thought and aligning your corresponding intention with an information field constantly in motion. If your thought and intention is clear and you’re in alignment with the information field, suddenly as if by a miracle of coincidence just the right people and information show up. This is the design of the universe unfolding. There are no accidents.

That you are listening to this course is not an accident. You’re here because we set an information field in motion with thought and intention. You showed up in our field to listen to this course. You resonated with the educational material long before you knew what it was. Of all the educational products and choices available you chose this one, whether consciously or unconsciously. Why is that? Given these principles of holodynamics, now you know why. So stop being surprised at such miracles of coincidence, people showing up in your field when you least expect them, or information showing up minutes after you ask for it? It’s the design of the universe unfolding your potential in it.

The Miracle of Creation

Everything in creation has a field of energy or a frequency that binds it. Sometimes it’s encoded, atomically, molecularly, or in our DNA pattern, a system that spirals and spins, and sets your genetic code in a perfect alignment. Your DNA is a very carefully designed pattern. How is it upon conception that these small strands of genetic material suddenly replicate? Have you ever considered the miracle of creation? That creation is going on inside your own body right now. It’s amazing! And why would we ever doubt for one moment, that we couldn’t create in other areas of our lives as well? So erase all doubts. Erase all fears. We have amazing power – amazing potential.

Eight Principles

There are eight principles of holodynamics excerpted verbatim from V. Vernon Woolf’s Holodynamics book. It’s another book that I highly recommend everyone read as part of your continuing education program.

  1. The universe is holodynamic. All matter, energy and intelligence, past, present and future, are part of one, dynamic whole
  2. The universe contains living thought-forms, called “holodynes,” with the power to manifest reality in all dimensions
  3. The universe has an underlying, implicate order
  4. Within the implicate order, the mind, holodynes, human beings, and all manifest reality follow the same six stages of development;
  5. Manifest reality has both a “particle” and “wave” function, which the mind reflects through its rational and intuitive processes, respectively
  6. Change occurs holodynamically: to change any holodyne is to change the physics of the mind; to change the physics of the mind is to change the physics of the universe, past, present and future
  7. Every human being has a primary, controlling holodyne, called the “I” or “Full Potential Self”
  8. The holodynamics of the mind can be applied systematically to solve every problem of human experience
  9. Six Stages of Development

There are six stages of development: physical, personal, interpersonal, social, principle and universal. Each stage in our evolution, growth or personal development progresses horizontally and vertically, left to right as well as up or down.

In every moment we have a choice to either updraft or downdraft a situation. In other words to rise to the opportunity given or withdraw, to move toward either well being or disorder. In holodynamic terminology, the vertical direction is called up drafting, or down drafting.

We also are progressing horizontally from the physical, for example survival issues, to personal and interpersonal issues, for example relationships, to social issues, matters of principle and finally universal consciousness. As you continue your education, you’ll understand these fundamentals more deeply.

Defining An Information Field

In holodynamic terminology, a field is a system of energy, and we are all part of many different information fields at once. Whatever you put your attention on, is going to show up in that information field. Energy flows where attention goes. Reality reorganizes itself naturally. We are all information systems in motion moving either towards greater order or disorder. That’s one of the holodynamic principles.

When you are aware of these information fields miraculous things begin happening in your life. In fact, miracles and coincidences can be made more frequent by your awareness.

The Success Education course, for example, is an information field where people are aligning around free enterprise, sovereignty and freedom, networking, communications, project and business development. This field was set by thought and intention.

Shifting An Information Field

When you and I make a choice the universe accommodates whatever we believe is going to happen. This may be very easy or very difficult to comprehend. Let me repeat. The universe accommodates exactly what you believe is going to happen. Your frame of reference will determine the events in your life, what shows up and what you might define as reality.

Your frames of reference, both your religious and political beliefs are perceptual systems or frames of reference, ways of seeing and creating reality. These systems of beliefs or frames of reference create information fields or reality constructs that others can play in. Powerful change agents set new information fields in motion, or alter old ones. Thought is powerful and creative.

Frames of Reference

Reality is all a matter of perception and our frame of reference. If you are not happy in your life, then you have a choice to updraft or downdraft the situation. You can bring more order or disorder to your situation. You can also choose to shift your frame of reference with new information.

Aligning in An Information Field

When there is alignment in an information field, things just work and you have access to the information and energy necessary to manifest your thoughts and intentions. Can you imagine that? Can it be as simple as aligning myself with what is, being present and being a creator and producer?

Yes, it can. But getting your frame of reference in alignment with the field is the personal development work at hand. It is the programming and conditioning of our own minds that has imprisoned us. We are the warden and the prison guards. We are responsible for freeing ourselves from obsolete and useless frames of reference that no longer serve us. This is the personal growth and development challenge and opportunity.

In summary, the principles of holodynamics includes:

  1. The miracle of coincidences or happenstance
  2. The miracle of creation
  3. The eight principles of holodynamics
  4. The six stages of development including the physical, personal, interpersonal, social, principle and universal
  5. Updrafting and downdrafting
  6. Defining an information field
  7. Shifting an information field
  8. Frames of reference
  9. Alignment with an information field.

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What is a Paradigm?

A “paradigm” is a model or a “context” for reality. Reality is held in a container or system of perceptions and beliefs. If you change the container, then what’s possible in reality changes. Until there was a new “context” for the revolutionary idea that the earth was round, reality revolved around the old “context” that the earth was flat. That the earth is flat was the old paradigm. That the earth is round was the new paradigm.

A “paradigm” or “context” is a container for what’s real. In the old paradigm, certain things were possible in that container. In a new paradigm, other things are possible.

So what is the “context” or container for a human being? Human beings live in a sea of air however invisible to us, just like the fish live in a sea of water that is invisible to them.

As is said in unconventional wisdom, “There are two great mysteries. The ocean to a fish, and man to himself.”

So in the context of sovereignty, freedom and free enterprise, let’s define the old paradigm in contrast with the new.

Defining the Old Paradigm

The old paradigm business and finance model is based on authoritarian control, the hoarding and accumulation of money and resources and the enslavement of human potential. This old paradigm is archaic, monarchial, monopolistic and obsolete.

The old paradigm is based on authoritarian systems that are controlled from the top of the pyramid, monopolistic cartels that own and control ninety-eight percent (98%) of the worlds resources, mind control systems that are instituted and deployed through media and public education to keep the people ignorant and enslaved.

In the old paradigm you’ll find disempowerment, scarcity and poverty consciousness, sickness and disease perpetuated for the majority of the world’s population, money as a control system, a problem-action-solution engineering of events and limited opportunities for the emerging markets of the world and most of the human race. This is reality in the old paradigm.

Old Paradigm Business and Finance Models

The old paradigm business and finance model prevalent in the world today was originally based on the principles and values of “free enterprise.” It was in the business environment of early America where free enterprise took its roots.

After certain individuals and companies took control of a large market-share of their respective industries, they chose to eliminate competition and form cartels that would cooperate to protect their dominance in each market. So what began as a “free enterprise” economic system, at least within the context of capitalism, became more socialistic and communistic.

These socialistic, monopolistic and communistic systems developed economies that were centralized and regulated by government much to the demise of individual initiative and free enterprise principles and values.

Thus eventually all socialistic and monopolistic systems collapse under the weight of their own bureaucracies and lack of productivity. Without producers being rewarded in the system, eventually everybody starves. The collapse of the former Soviet Union is a good example of this.

With government and large, transnational corporations protecting and defending their old paradigm business interests at the expense of the principles and values of free enterprise in a capitalistic economy, individual initiative, innovation and competition eventually decline. Then you end up with a welfare state, people dependent upon the central government for their sustenance having forgotten how to produce something of value to contribute to the economy. Collapse is inevitable in such a business and finance model.

The old paradigm finance model did not adequately include education, training or human development into the equation except where it served their agenda. Thus human development has lagged behind technology and the growth of centralized control systems intended to enslave, not liberate, the human race.

This is a great business model if your goals and objectives are to control and enslave people, but a terrible business model if you intend on encouraging people to take care of themselves, take initiative and generate something of value to exchange with others. It’s dependency versus independence and self-reliance.

In the words of an old proverb, “Give a man a fish. you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you’ll feed him for a lifetime.”

Professional Hazers

Accountants, lawyers and investment brokers are taught the old paradigm business and finance models in school. These professionals learn very little about foundational law, trust structures and the common law in school, nor do they understand international business law or offshore structuring, unless it’s a chosen specialty for them.

These professionals are the gatekeepers of the old paradigm. They are paid to live in the box, and to keep you and your company in the box, or lose their licenses. So it’s not unusual to ask these “experts” about some of the strategies outlined in this course, and they will shrug their shoulders and caution you. They either don’t understand, or if they do, it’s contrary to their own self-interest to encourage you.

These are “professional hazers” and the market is full of them. I define a hazer as an “expert” who will advise you on matters they know little about, and may very well lead you and your company into a business failure if you blindly accept their advice without thinking and deciding for yourself. Beware of “professional hazers” leading you and your company astray.

Killing the Golden Goose

Instead of new companies being capitalized and money circulating even in the old paradigm, the “professional hazers” are busy killing the golden goose and stealing the eggs.

Pardon me professional attorneys, accountants and brokers, but there’s a whole institutionalized system pulling the capital that was intended to grow new companies out of circulation and putting it in your pockets. Twenty percent of the portfolios of venture capitalists and the investment banks are intended to circulate into unsecured, company capitalization plans for the emerging markets of the world.

But the capital rarely gets to the companies, and new development is slow and painful without adequate capitalization at a price the companies can afford to pay.

Instead it’s spent on professional fees for consulting, management, accounting and preparing an initial public offering to raise capital for the company from the public market. Most companies fail before they even complete the IPO’s. Others lose control and ownership over their enterprises. This is contrary to everything we stand for in free enterprise.

Defining A New Paradigm

The new paradigm business and finance model is principle-centered. It is not about platitudes, clichés and marketing hype. Individual, company and government interests are integrated without compromising the sovereignty and freedom of the individual. Healthy cells create healthy bodies in the body politic.

The new paradigm is based on the natural law principles of the universe and the perennial wisdom of the ages as applied to ethics, business, social and cultural realms. Universal principles are commonly recognized and understood in every political and religious context. Universal principles are easier to implement in a business context because they are easy to agree with. They also create an alignment with the field of energy that speeds up the evolutionary process and allows coincidences and hookups to occur more rapidly inside and outside the company framework.

The challenges for a new paradigm are that you cannot build a new paradigm on the quicksand of the old paradigm. You cannot get where you’re going from where you are headed. We’re tooling on down the highway and need to make a quick U-Turn and go in another direction against the grain, against the flow of society, against the popular and trendy wisdom, against the wind, against the river along a road far less traveled.

New Paradigm Business and Finance Models

Today, free enterprise business and finance models are based on principles and values that are fully integrated with the old, traditional models. They are also based on the principles of success and free enterprise as stated earlier in this course.

The new paradigm business and finance models are based on freedom and responsibility for the exercise of that freedom.

The new paradigm is based on prosperity consciousness and the abundance of the universe.

The new paradigm is based on individual sovereignty and achieving all seven aspects of sovereignty.

The new paradigm is committed to the circulation of money as the exchange of energy, not hoarding, as fundamental law for producing and exchanging wealth.

The new paradigm is committed to education and training individuals and companies in the areas of project and business development, and international finance.

George Bernard Shaw “It’s always been an inspiration…to be used as a purpose…life belongs to the whole community…thoroughly used up…the more I work…the more I love…not a brief candle…splendid torch…before handing it on to future generations.”


In summary, a paradigm is a context or container for reality. The old paradigm is defined as a power structure governed by authoritarian control systems. These structures once based upon free enterprise are now socialistic, monopolistic and communistic instead. The old paradigm is about to collapse due to the lack of focus upon human and community development and the needs of the emerging markets of the world.

The gatekeepers of the old paradigm and so-called experts are leading most of the people astray, not telling the truth, and are killing the golden goose. Once all the producers have been enslaved, the system will collapse. Nobody will want to work anymore.

The new paradigm is principle-centered, based on natural law and the principles of the universe that are unbending and true. Those building new paradigm businesses cannot build them on the principles and structures of the old paradigm. It’d be like building a house on quicksand. Thus the principles of free enterprise as we outline them in this course are essential for everyone intent on participating in free enterprise projects and business development. This is what we have named, NEOS, or the New Economic Order System.

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