By Eden Sky

“The accurate content of the message for the Maya Prophecy for our times is that the date of December 21, 2012 is nothing more than a general marker, a specific date that infact indicates a whole era, an era of hope, an era of opportunity – the opportunity to re-establish a sense of community amongst all humans of this planet…” -From The Maya Taino Prophecy Initiative, led by Maya Elder Antonio Aj Ik and Taino Elder Miguel Sague – www.mayatainoprophecy.webs.com

December 21, 2012 marks the Shifting of World Ages, a return to zero point, where we officially transition from the current 5,125 year World Age Cycle, and enter into a New World Cycle; marking a new level of our unfoldment as a planetary collective; a new level of our human evolution in concert with our living Universe.

If one researches prophecies from ancient cultures, and investigates modern scientific and spiritual decodings of these times we are living in, one will find a whole spectrum of insight, opinions, warnings, facts, theories, and possibilities about where we have come from, and where we are heading. While many pieces of the puzzle match up, plenty of pieces and voices do not align, and in fact contradict one another.

I write this article as someone who has been in this field of investigation and discovery for 17 years and counting, having passionately delved into this realm and taken in information and insights from countless sources. In this personal journey, my intention has been to be informed of various viewpoints, especially those thought to be from the most reputable sources, including indigenous messengers, highly regarded researchers, deeply inspired visionaries, and critically thinking scientists. Upon taking in all of these viewpoints, I then seek to integrate them inside of myself, cross-referencing all the data and voices and applying the discernment of my own intelligence and intuition, that ultimately I can arrive at a synthesis of my own heart’s comprehension. It is from this place of what I would call my own “embodiment” that I always attempt to communicate to the world from.

I believe it is ideal for each of us to evolve and refine our own personal embodiment of truth, awareness, and inspiration to guide us from within and to help influence our collective humanity. Therefore, I do not proclaim to know anything more than anyone else. I am simply interested in sharing the understandings I have come to as they have cultivated within me during years of dedicated exploration, in hopes that they may stimulate deeper levels of your own knowing.

That said, the message I wish to offer to the human family is this:

Let us realize that December 21, 2012 does indeed mark the completion of a vast cycle, and the dawning of a New World Age on Planet Earth. However, let us not naively look to this one day to instantly transform all the far-reaching crises and imbalances we face as a global society.

The World Age we are soon transiting out of has spanned over 5000 years, taking us to this unprecedented point we are now living in on Planet Earth where our world hangs in the balance, teetering between breakdown and breakthrough. December 21, 2012 is a threshold point; a doorway indicated by the Ancient Maya well over a thousand years ago, that will take us into a new domain as a planetary collective. The more of us that are conscious and aware of the significance of this date as a marker of a new World cycle, the more aligned we can be in our intentions and actions to serve as instruments of this transition process, fortifying and inspiring each other upon this unfolding journey of Shifting World Ages.

Solstice 2012 marks a zero point -a simultaneous completion and beginning, called “Creation Day” by the Ancient Maya. From that point, the adventure will continue onward, bringing untold challenges and blessings. As we advance to a new level on the spiral of Time, let us comprehend the vastness of our journey ahead. Each day the mystery deepens, bringing new trials and new awarenesses. There is no pre-determined outcome to our collective story. The essential message of the 2012 Prophecy is that the more we each awaken to our personal contribution to this planetary moment, the greater the possibilities emerge for positive change.

Everyone asks “What’s going to happen on December 21, 2012?”

Our human psyche has fixated on this one date, projecting both tremendous fear and tremendous hope. But rather than looking at these monumental times of prophecy from a linear mindset, let us realize that beyond this one infamous date, it is happening now, all around us, and also inside our own selves. As Peter Russell writes: “Rather than a precise date on which major changes happen, I see 2012 as the temporal epicenter of a cultural earthquake.”

It is not wise to expect some external, earth-shattering cataclysm or miracle to happen on this one day that proves the reality of this Living Prophecy.

The clarity that December 21, 2012 marks the launching point of a new epoch is not based on proclaiming details of external events. Rather, the opportunity is for as many people as possible to align internally with this understanding, and therefore from an inner alignment of cycles shifting, to help consciously generate and incarnate the dawning of the new era on Earth. Let us contemplate: What can happen in our collective consciousness when each of us really owns the power of our personal contribution to our shared reality? Read more…

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Source: www.primaxstudio.com/stuff/scale_of_universe

By John David Van Hove

Although only the  individual seeker can unlock the “personal doorways” to the previous three questions, there is still additional help along the way. Rarely does the hand of Divinity touch a human life-stream and completely transform it instantly. This unfoldment is a Journey. However, the journey can be ACCELERATED with right knowledge, faith and persistence of purpose from the Source of all.It has been my privilege and honor to have worked  with some of the finest and most dedicated healers and teachers on the planet. I have taken those years of study and direct experience and distilled  the essence of it into my new book “I AM LIGHT”—The Prodigal Journey and Beyond”.I am inviting you to take that journey with me in this three part narrative and applied study. It is my sincere belief that you will find additional wellbeing in its application.I am aware that there are many fine healers and teachers in the field of alternative medicine and practical mysticism today. However, if you are seeking an uncomplicated easily applied set of principles that any “layman” can use, I believe this book will be of great assistance to you

“In reading “I am Light” by Gary Layman I was struck by the profound significance of this grand vision of what’s coming in the next next phase of human evolution when we’re all consciously connecting with Source through the “I am” presence. His book is  an inspired prayer full of wisdom for the “new age” being born in these turbulent times – a channeled, semi-autobiographical story of what’s to come for all of us in the days ahead with practical tools for meeting this challenge/opportunity within on this ultimate path of love.” – John David Van Hove

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Source:  ICR’s Global Resource Center

By Sherry L. Ackerman, Ph.D

So, how did it happen? How did we all get complacent enough to accept the phrase “commercially produced food” without even blinking an eye? How did Uncle Sam go from advising the US public “to garden” to later telling the US public “to shop”. And, not just to shop, but to shop for food.

Food is the hub of the wheel. It’s the one thing that we all have in common: we all have to eat. And, we are what we eat. Recent statistics regarding the number of people with early onset cancer, degenerative disease, diabetes and dementia all point to a decline in the quality of our food. “Commercial” anything is about profit, not quality. So, when food becomes a profit motive, a lot goes out the door.

Some of the things that fly out the door are health, money (yours, not theirs), environment and energy. Big Agriculture is unconcerned about the environmental carnage left behind by pesticides, GMO crops, soil depletion or erosion.Big Agriculture is unconcerned about how much fuel it takes to run those mega-machines to produce, harvest and transport crops. And, Big Agriculture doesn’t care how much food costs you and your family. They care about directing profits to already rich corporate interests.

Most of the food in your supermarket travels thousands of miles in trucks or planes to get from the farm to the shelves. Think about how much fuel us used to transport those items. What kind of impact does that have on the environment? When you purchase food at the store, you’re also paying for the cost of shipping, packaging and storing that food. What kind of impact does that have on your wallet?

While organic foods have grown in popularity, many commercially available foods are still sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and preservative formulas to prevent disease and spoilage. The USDA currently allows “57 trace pesticides” in foods labeled organic. Are you scared (or angry) yet? Not only can these chemicals pose health risks to you, they also impact the environment through air and water pollution.

The concept of “commercial food” really gets at the heart of the differential identified by Scott Nearing. Nearing made a clear distinction between “use production” and  “market production”. Use production is when you produce something (in this case, food) for your own household’s use. Market production, obviously, is producing for sale on the open market. Nearing argued, and I agree, the “use production” was, in the Big Picture, the most efficient and effective economic model.

By growing and preserving your own food, for example, you’ll save money. Food grown from seed costs a lot less than store-bought. By preserving your harvest you can reduce the amount of food you throw away due to spoilage. There is no packaging. There are no middle managers. In addition, you can save the seeds from the fruits of your plants and replant them next year. By following these practices you could feed yourself indefinitely.

Food that you grow yourself just tastes better. Food in markets, even health food stores, is often in cold storage for up to a month before being sold. Fresh food is more nutritious and has better flavor than the stuff that comes from the store.

I grow my own food. I “get my groceries off the ground”. When I walk through my garden and cut fresh greens for salad–and eat them no more than an hour later–the benefits of Nearing’s “use economy” are evident. Nothing, absolutely nothing, that I can buy at a market (even a Farmer’s Market) comes close to the level of quality that I can produce right outside my window.

It’s my vision that more and more people will wave goodbye to “commercial food” and replace it with a “use economy” model. If Uncle Sam won’t tell us to GARDEN anymore, we’ll just do it ourselves!

Sherry L. Ackerman, Ph.D. is the author of The Good Life: How to Create a Sustainable and Fulfilling Lifestyle. The book springs off from her 22 years of living on a back-to-the-earth commune in Central Vermont and offers practical ideas for not only surviving–but flourishing–in today’s collapsing Empire.